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Ukraine’s forest sector has recently suffered significant economic and reputational losses due to the publication of studies accusing Ukraine of illegal logging and high levels of corruption in the country.

Regardless of the validity and objectivity of such research, the world community demands our response, preventive and corrective measures.

Only the joint work of all stakeholders can yield results and restore Ukraine's reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality and legal forest and wood products.

The Association invites all stakeholders to take an active part in combating corruption and expresses its gratitude to the lawyer-consultant Oleh Storchous, who will conduct trainings for stakeholders as part of the plan, as well as the DEEP Green Ukraine project, with which a memorandum of cooperation was signed.

The National Voluntary Forest Certification System Association has included anti-corruption requirements in the standards and developed an Action Plan to prevent the risks of illegal timber and corruption in Ukraine.

The desired results of the plan, in particular, are:

  • Achieving changes in legislation, the functioning of public authorities, the legal system and public awareness of the rejection of corrupt activities;
  • Together with stakeholders to identify and analyze the predominant illegal activities in the forest sector, especially those where there are different or conflicting interpretations of current legislation;
  • Stakeholders' understanding of what actions in the field of forestry and compliance with anti-corruption legislation are illegal, their awareness of responsibility and the use of means and mechanisms to combat such violations within their competence;
  • Detection of illegal and corrupt practices in regular audits of certification bodies.


The plan is available on the link.