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Interaction with stakeholders to prevent violations of current legislation of Ukraine and any manifestations of corruption in the National Voluntary Forest Certification System is one of the key activities of the Association.


An effective element of such interaction is the ability of stakeholders to file complaints and the objective consideration of such complaints.
Any natural or legal person may file a complaint about violations of current legislation in the field of forest protection, water protection and other environmental legislation, tax legislation, as well as corruption in the NVFCS to the Head of the Association NVFCS by e-mail or regular mail .
As part of the Action Plan to prevent the risks of illegal timber and corruption in Ukraine we provide such an opportunity online.


The general procedure for filing and reviewing complaints is set out in UA SFM ST 04 Procedure for Managing Complaints and Appeals. In particular, only complaints that meet all the requirements specified in paragraph 5.2.3 of this standard are considered. The Association does not accept complaints that contain unfounded dissatisfaction, such as rumors. Such information is taken into account only and can be used as additional information when considering substantiated complaints.

5.2.3 A complaint shall:

a) contain the name and contact information of the complainant;

b) be written in Ukrainian;

c) contain an indication of the person or organisation regarding which the complaint is filed;

d) contain a description of the events that caused the complaint;

e) contain an indication of the requirements unmet;

f) contain evidence supporting each element or aspect of the complaint, such as reports, photographs, etc .;

g) indicate whether attempts were made to resolve the issue with the defendant before filing the complaint, indicate these attempts and their result;

h) contain consent to inform of the complaint the defendant(s) and other parties to the complaint;

i) contain consent to comply with the requirements of this standard;